Secure Modular SCIF Unit Solution

MISES® Strategic Modular solutions consist of customized trailers that are purpose-built from the ground up as SCIFs, your choice of Construction Modular SCIF or larger Office Module SCIF. Our trailer solutions meet or exceed DCID 6/9 and JAFAN 6/9 standards due to our patented construction, and we guarantee accreditation from your accreditation authority. We also offer optional TEMPEST products.

Trailer entrances can be a normal entry door leading into a typical office/foyer–access to the SCIF is inside the foyer, so that from the outside the unit will appear to be a regular office trailer. This SCIF solution is therefore unobtrusive, secure and portable.

Our system is faster and less disruptive than traditional SCIF construction methods the MISES® SCIF solution is manufactured, dry fitted and tested, assembled and installed into the customized Office Trailer. The entire completed SCIF unit is then shipped to your destination. Our SCIF specialists come onsite to demonstrate how to plug it in and use, and give you the combination to the CD X09.

With SCIF Solutions®, patented products your investment is protected—just relocate the portable SCIF Office Trailer as needed.

MISES® Trailer SCIF Benefits

Rapid Deployment Via DOD transport, C-130, C-141, and other logistic conveyances. Set up on construction site.
Portability The MISES® SCIF Trailer is easily set up at construction, disaster, emergency sites. Any where secure communications and low visibility are required. The MISES® Trailer SCIF is delivered to your site or military installation ready for use, just plug in power and communication devices and go to work.
Habitability & Physical SecurityThe MISES® Trailer SCIF has the same advantages of a regular trailer and can be configured for the basic habitability needs.