SCIF Container Units & Containerized SCIF's

MISES® Container SCIF units are our most cost-effective portable SCIF. Options available include standard 10’, 20’, 40’ and customized sizes are available.

Like all of our MISES® Second Generation SCIF solutions, they meet or exceed ICD 705 as a result of our patented construction methods.

Our SCIF Containers provide a completely portable solution that is rugged and easy to relocate and transport anywhere. In addition, these SCIF units can be used outside as a free-standing building, or can be placed inside another building such as a hangar or warehouse—any area with doors large enough to accommodate the height and width.


MISES® Container SCIF Benefits

Rapid Deployment Via Truck, DOD transport, C-130, C-141, and other logistic conveyances. Transported just like any SEA/Land container. Wheels/Chassis can also be added to move easily around within a building or outside.
Portability The MISES® SCIF Container can be set up and broken down in minutes. All utilities are contained within the container, AC, Communications, and power. The MISES® SCIF Container is delivered to your site or military installation ready for use and fully operational.
Habitability & Physical Security Due to its construction of steel on the outside and our patented design on the inside, the MISES® SCIF Container will insure a safe, secure and quiet environment to work in.

  • Unlike other T-SCIFs such as tents, it is made from hardened, impenetrable materials
  • Meets STC standards for a T-SCIF
  • Can take light rounds of fire
  • In many cases, resistant to high winds and inclement weather
  • Climate controlled with AC & Heat


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