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The term TEMPEST was coined in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s as a codename for the NSA operation to secure electronic communications equipment from potential eavesdroppers and vice versa the ability to intercept and interpret those signals from other sources.

TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emission (CE). Compromising emanations consist of electrical, mechanical, or acoustical energy intentionally or by mishap unintentionally emitted by any number of sources within equipment/ systems which process national security information. This energy may relate to the original encrypted message, or information being processed, in such a way that it can lead to recovery of the information. Laboratory and field tests have established that such CE can be propagated through space and along nearby conductors.The interception/propagation ranges and analysis of such emanations are affected by a variety of factors, e.g., the functional design of the information processing equipment; system/equipment installation; and, environmental conditions related to physical security and ambient noise.

The term TEMPEST is often used broadly for the entire field of Emission Security or Emanations Security (EMSEC).

Interactive SCIF TEMPEST 360° Panorama – You can use the buttons on the picture to move the view in a 360° direction. Or you can click in the middle of the picture while holding the left mouse button down and move the mouse to rotate the picture up,down,left, and right at your own speed.

TEMPEST Benefits

Unparalleled Security

We use special construction tactics and materials, including carbon steel, to ensure ICD 705 and DCID 6/9 requirements are not only met, but exceeded!

Broad Range of Products

Every product we make – from Container and Retrofits to Modulars and Mobile Command Centers – we offer all as an optional TEMPEST product.


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