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The principal areas of operation for SCIF Solutions® include SCIF Construction, SCIF Retro-fit, and Security Consulting. Security has become a major concern and focus for the nation. SCIF Solutions® experts can evaluate organizations security management and threat vulnerability. They can also assess personnel security, physical security, information, communication security, security education, and anti-terrorism / force protection and assist organizations with corrective actions to upgrade and improve overall security. These actions include writing management manuals, policies and procedures, briefings, and security education. Our experts have extensive knowledge of National, Industry, NATO, and Coalitions security.

SCIF Solutions® is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Current Job Openings

Production Laborer

Application for Employment Information and Procedures

Applications are generally accepted for OPEN POSITIONS ONLY and must be fully completed. Resumes only are not accepted in lieu of an application; however, a resume can be submitted as supplemental information.

Once an application is received, it will be screened by Human Resources and the hiring department. The screening process consists of comparing the information on the applicant’s form against the qualifications and requirements listed on the job advertisement. Applicants, whose education, work experience, and skills most closely match the qualifications listed in the advertisement, may be called in for interviewing, and any other pre-selection processing.

Selected candidates are required to undergo a background check, reference check, criminal history check, a pre-employment physical examination, pre-employment drug test screening, and a post job offer medical history questionnaire.

Applications will remain on file for a period of 180 days from the date an application is received. Once an application becomes inactive, a new application must be completed.

If you are seeking information on the current status of a position for which you have applied, you may email our Human Resource Department at


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