MISES® Mobile Command Center Modular SCIF

The MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF is purpose-built, constructed from the ground up with heavy duty suspension system and enhanced frame. It is not a conversion of an off-the-shelf trailer. It is designed and built from the ground up as a mobile SCIF solution that offers size and configuration flexibility.

Our SCIF-compliant construction meets or exceeds all federal guidelines and your MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF, includes a one year warranty and unlimited telephone support plus our accreditation guarantee.

The advantages are many. This SCIF solution is faster and less disruptive because 100% of the work is done BEFORE you get the solution vs. onsite. There is no down time and your business will not turn into a construction site. Additionally building permits are not required and your finished SCIF is delivered ready to plug in. It is a stand-alone “unit” that can be moved around at will and relocated anywhere power and communications are available.

We will build and complete your entire MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF at our facility and ensure that it is up to our high standards of construction prior to delivering it to your site. Your resulting turnkey SCIF is warranted for one full year and designed to meet DCID 6/9, JAFAN 6/9 and ICD 705 standards and to be fully accredited by DIA, DOD, and other government agencies.

From the outside, the MISES® appears to be like any other mobile command center trailer. The entrance to the actual SCIF area is accessed from the inside of the mobile command center trailer or via a “man trap”. This SCIF solution is therefore unobtrusive, secure and portable.

While offering the size and stability of a permanent structure with the entire amenities one would expect in a typical office setting, the MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF can be relocated if needed at a future date.

MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF Benefits

Rapid Deployment Delivered right to your site and set up quickly, you are in business in a lot less time than it would take to build a conventional office building plus a SCIF.

Security and Protection MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF is easily set up at your site wherever security and low visibility are required. Unlike tents, it can be certified as a SCIF because it is like a building providing protection from the elements and doubles as an environmental shelter.

Portability The MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF is delivered to your site ready for use. Just plug in the power and go to work. Move it to another location as needed or use permanently–it’s your choice.

Habitability The MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF has similar advantages of a regular office on wheels.

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