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MISES® Retrofit SCIF

With the use of SCIF Solutions®, Inc. patented MISES® Retrofit system will enable your organization to save time and money and still comply with DCID 6/9 and ICD 705 by converting any existing room or interior area into a SCIF. Our panel components are manufactured using the same patented technology as all of our MISES® products. Our panelized retrofit solution is faster and less disruptive because 90% of the work is completed prior to arriving at your facility. We will construct and dry-fit your unit at our warehouse to ensure a high quality product. Our MISES® Retrofit SCIF Solution includes patented panels that are layered with alternating sheets of expanded metal, soundproofing and other materials all sealed within an aluminum grid work. Resulting panels are 8’x2’x2¼”. Panels are assembled within an aluminum grid work and connected together to form the walls, ceiling and floor. Your SCIF is now ready for you to connect to the electric, data, communications and HVAC. Interactive Retrofit SCIF 360° Panorama – You can use the buttons on the picture to move the view in a 360° direction. Or you can click in the middle of the picture while holding the left mouse button down and move the mouse to rotate the picture up,down,left, and right at your own speed. [swfobj src="" allowfullscreen="true"] [nggallery id=3]

MISES® Retrofit SCIF Benefits

Rapid Deployment and Versatility Most MISES® Rapid Retrofit SCIFs, depending on the size of the room, can be assembled and ready for operation in just a few days. Convert any space into a SCIF-Office, garage, hangar, warehouse. Limited Construction Hassles Minimal disruption to your business due to construction hassles. No construction plans, general contractors, building permits or subcontractors are required. Cost Effectiveness Our construction method is much faster than the traditional stick build method alleviating the need for a large work force and many weeks of construction and the related disruption to your environment.
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