Providing next generation SCIFS worldwide! Turnkey mobile & retrofit SCIFS Innovative SCIF construction Patent-pending design

What exactly is a SCIF?

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (pronounced "skiff"), a special facility for handling Sensitive Compartmented Information

The SCIF Solutions Difference: Definitely not your ordinary SCIF

SCIF Solutions®, Inc. has developed an innovative alternative to SCIF Construction. This, patented, Mobile Intelligence Secure Enclosed System (MISES®) provides turnkey, modular mobile and lasting SCIF solutions. MISES® is cost-effective, rapid deployable and a mobile alternative to traditional SCIF construction. This innovative solution was designed and engineered to exceed    ICD 705 standards and to be fully accredited by CIA, DIA, DOD, FEMA and other government agencies.

SCIF SOLUTIONS, Inc. has developed the next generation of SCIFs to address the need for mobile modular and easily deployable SCIFs. Our SCIFs can fit in the back of moving vehicles and temporary locations. These Mobile Modular SCIFs can be constructed in one-tenth the time it takes to build a traditional stick built SCIF and can be installed permanently as stand alone or retrofit. Through our direct offices and Strategic Partners we offer both our patented MISES® mobile modular solutions AND conventional SCIF construction building solutions throughout the US, UK and most worldwide locations.

3-in-1 Protection Meets All SCIF Requirements


Components containing multiple layers of metal and insulating materials are light enough to be portable, lock together to be impenetrable and are guarded by our patented SCIF door with a CD X-09 lock and day lock.


Multi-layered construction helps block electromagnetic radiation (EMI/RFI). TEMPEST options are also available.

Sound Attenuation (STC)

Embedded sound-masking and acoustical controls exceed government standards!

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