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GSA Schedule

GSA awards contracts to all responsible companies that offer a commercial item falling within the generic description of the Schedule. Contracting Officers determine that prices are fair and reasonable by comparing the price or discounts that a company offers the Government, with the price or discounts that the company offers to its own commercial customers. This negotiation objective is commonly known as “most favored customer” pricing. When orders are placed against a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract, using the procedures under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.4, they are considered to be issued using full and open competition (see FAR 6.102(d)(3)). The ordering offices need not seek further competition, synopsize the requirement, make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing, or consider small business programs. By placing an order against a schedule using the procedures in this section, the ordering office has concluded that the order represents the best value and results in the lowest overall cost alternative (considering price, special features, administrative costs, etc.) to meet the Government’s needs.


GSA Schedules are streamlined procurement vehicles designed to save government agencies time and money when procuring needed services, products, and solutions. Whether it is Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services or Supplies solution, SCIF Solutions Schedules provide the answer.
Available GSA schedules: 
• Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services and Supplies 56 (GS-07F-0632W)

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