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Light enough to be portable yet strong enough to be inpenetratable, our multi-layered SCIF construction meets or exceeds DCID 6/9 and JAFAN 6/9 standards due to our patented construction, and we guarantee accreditation from your accreditation authority. We also offer optional TEMPEST products. The MISES® Mobile, Portable and Modular line of solutions offers a number of options you can click below to explore, including:

MISES® Container SCIF

The MISES® Container SCIF consists of a customized SCIF housed in a Sea/Land type Container, and is our most cost-effective, portable and ruggedized SCIF solution. learn more

MISES® Retrofit SCIF

The MISES® Retrofit SCIF can turn an ordinary room into a SCIF. This is accomplished by applying our patented interlocking panels to the existing walls within a specialized metal framework. learn more


MISES® Office Trailer and Modular Office solutions consist of customized modular units that are purpose-built from the ground up as SCIFs. learn more



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