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Available GSA schedules: 
• Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services and Supplies 56 (GS-07F-0632W)


SCIF Solutions®, Inc. has developed an innovative alternative to SCIF Construction. This, patented, Mobile Intelligence Secure Enclosed System (MISES®) provides turnkey, modular mobile and lasting SCIF solutions. MISES® is cost-effective, rapid deployable and a mobile alternative to traditional SCIF construction. This innovative solution was designed and engineered to exceed ICD 705 standards and to be fully accredited by CIA, DIA, DOD, FEMA and other government agencies.

Turnkey Mobile & Retrofit SCIFs

Innovative SCIF Construction

Patented Design

Meets: Security, Shielding, & STC Requirements


Field of Emission Security or Emanations Security (EMSEC)


The MISES® Mobile Command Center SCIF

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

Design, Development, Production and Post Delivery Support

Veteran Owned

Former military SCIF company of experts and professionals.

What Exactly is a SCIF? What is a RED ROOM?

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (pronounced “skiff”), a special facility for handling Sensitive Compartmented Information.  An accredited area, room, group of rooms, or installation where sensitive compartmented information may be stored, used, discussed, or electronically processed.

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI):
SCI is classified information concerning or derived from intelligence sources, methods or analytical processes, which is required to be handled exclusively within formal control systems established by the Director of Central Intelligence.
Sound Transmission Class (STC):
The rating used in architectural considerations of sound transmission loss such as those involving walls, ceilings, doors, and/or floors.(ASTM International Classification E413 and E90).
Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information:
A DoD category of weapon data designating TOP SECRET Restricted Data or SECRET Restricted Data revealing the theory of operation or design of the components of a thermonuclear or implosion-type fission bomb, warhead, demolition munitions, or test device.
Defense Transportation System:
Military controlled terminal facilities, Military Airlift Command controlled aircraft, Military Sea lift Command controlled or arranged sea lift and Government controlled air or land transportation.
Facility (Security) Clearance:
An administrative determination that, from a security viewpoint, a facility is eligible for access to classified information of a certain category (and all lower categories).

Company Profile

SCIF Solutions®, Inc. is a disabled veteran-owned company whose associates include a number of former military SCIF experts and professionals. Together our SCIF construction experts bring more than 100 years of experience in Security and Intelligence who can help in designing and implementing your SCIFs and security projects. Bruce Paquin founded SCIF Solutions®, Inc., Secured Rooms, Inc. and NISPOM Help, Inc as the next step in his lifelong military career, including more than 12 years as a leader in the security and intelligence world.

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